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All of these Trader Joe’s Grower’s Reserve wines are a big, happy surprise. Not only TJ-Growers-Reserve-Merlot-2is the price delightful but they are made from Organically Grown Grapes! The discovery of these wines has been so pleasurable and they are so unbelievably good, that you must run out and get one or all three!

Let’s start with the Merlot as it would be before the more intense wines in a tasting. Lovely and soft with rich cherry and dark skinned berry flavors, deepen to smooth tannic structure with a caramel chocolate finish. Great alone or with pork tenderloin, chicken dark meat and roasted portobella mushrooms. $4.99

If you like Petite Sirah this is going to make you TJ-Growers-Reserve-Petite-Ssmile and shake your head with wonder. It’s so good and the price is so ridiculously affordable that there is no reason not to have it on a daily basis. The color is a beautiful rich garnet and immediately on the nose is a fragrant dark beyy mix of blueberries, boysenberries and blackberries, with cacao, spices and flowers. Zesty tannins bounce off the sides of the tongue like pop rocks. Really nice long finish. Great with game meats, stews, and big cheeses. $4.99

Finally, the 2013 Zinfandel is a hit as well. It TJ Grower's Reserve 2013 Zinfandelcomes on strong with dark fruit and herbal fragrances. Then the full mouth is filled with the lushness of dried plums, and currents, the tannins are very nicely balanced, the wine stays structured and complex to the end. Wonderful with Italian food, pork chops, steaks and robust flavors. $4.99