Really lovely representation of the Tempranillo grape. Tempranillo is a variety of black grape widely grown to make full-bodied red wines in its native Spain. Tempranillo has been grown on the Iberian Peninsula since the time of Phoenician2010 Tusk Fustis Tempranillo settlements. It is the main grape used in Rioja, and is often referred to as Spain’s noble grape. Grown early in the 20th century to produce jug wines in California, toward the end of the 20th century Tempranillo enjoyed a renaissance there and throughout the world as a fine wine. The grape has been planted in Mexico, New Zealand, South America, USA, South Africa, Australia, Argentina, Uruguay, Turkey and Canada. (reference from Wkipedia).

This wine is rich, delicious and really grows on you as it is extremely easy drinking, it has a truly gorgeous color. The nose is full of ripe berries and the mouth is full of those various berries; strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, plum, tobacco, vanilla, leather and light herb. A very full bodies wine, that has a very pleasant finish. Often making up as much as 90% of a blend, Tempranillo is less frequently bottled as a single varietal. Being low in both acidity and sugar content, it is most commonly blended with Grenache. But if you’ve never tried a pure Tempranillo, run do not walk to buy this lovely and tasty wine. A real bargain at $8.99