Well folks, it’s a Bordeaux. Possibly the most famous wine region in the world. Certainly the most compared and sometimes emulated and copied. The strong suit is the iconic flavors:  Licorice, dark fruits, plums, and cherries.

Bordeaux are always blends. They are not single grapes as those wine drinkers in California are fond of; i.e. the Cabernet Sauvignons, Merlots, the Syrahs  (Petite and Grande), etc.  Cabernet Francs (those French again) Doucettes,  Grenache, and Mourvedres, most of these are very little known in California, and I might add, understood for the complexity of flavors, results and the reason that the French have been blending for years, nay centuries.

Jeez, I wish all these wine growers would at least educate the masses, whilst plying us with alcohol. You guys; at least be fair, otherwise the wine thing is pure snobbery.

All right, enough ranting, (I say a silent prayer that many do not read this blog and by the time we’re famous won’t read these early entries).

I liked this wine. Why?  Well, for one thing it isn’t pretentious. It is a very down to earth, simple Bordeaux. A French table wine. So what, you say. Well, it is actually very good. Tasty. Goes well with fowl and fish. Too light for a heavenly steak frite combo, but delightful.

$ 7.99

Do not rush this wine; let breathe 45 minutes. At first it has a mild mild nose but this is misleading as the flavors bloom and taste expands on the palate . Nice body.