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Well there have been a few commentaries on this wine around the web and I will post excerpts from them and the links so you can read the whole review if you are so inclined.

At Good Cheap Vino, they say this:”This wine is not nearly as robust and complex as the 2009 Tribunal. I thought it was “hot” upon swallowing which means the alcohol has not been tamed. On the nose, I get white pepper and some red fruit. The wine tastes very young with light red fruit flavors and absolutely no tannins that I can detect. The wine is definitely more acidic than the 2009. The 2010 Tribunal blend: 23% Petite Sirah, 22% Merlot, 21% Syrah, 17% Dolcetto, 10 % Sangiovese, and final 7% is a proprietary grape that for now remains a mystery. Here is the blend for the 2010 Prisoner: 44% Zinfandel, 26% Cabernet Sauvignon, 18% Syrah, 9% Petite Sirah, 2% Charbono, 1% Grenache with all grapes coming from the Napa Valley. I am anxious to hear what my follow Vintage Tasters think of this wine. I am going to give it 86 points. I gave the 2009 Tribunal a final rating of 89 points. Give the 2010 a try if you have a chance and let our readers know what you think.”

Cheap Wine Finder reviews the Tribunal as well. “The 2010 Tribunal Sonoma County Red is a $9.99 Trader Joe’s exclusive in the US, it is available in Canada and sells for $25 to $28 Canadian. This is a “kitchen sink” blend with the grapes and the percentages changing with each vintage, so if you loved or hated the 2008 or 2009, the 2010 will not be the same. This is a wine produced by the Vintage Wine Estates Group, who own Cosentino, Cartlidge & Browne and a minority stake in Kunde Estates, among other properties. The bottle says the Tribunal Red was “produced and bottled by Tribunal Cellars, Kenwood, California.” That indicates that they fermented at least 75% of the grapes and bottled the wine in Kenwood, but did not grow the grapes, since Kunde Estates is also located in Kenwood, California, it would seem that the Kunde Estate facilities where used to produce this wine. Virtual wineries using the excess production capabilities of actual wineries is a common practice in California. In 2008, when the first vintage of the Tribunal Red was released, there was an internet rumor going around saying that this wine was created to be a replica of Oren Swift’s The Prisoner Red Blend (about $40) and this caused the Tribunal to sell out quickly. I would image that about 95% of the people who purchased the Tribunal Red never heard of The Prisoner, I think the reason the 2008 sold out quickly (also the 2009) is the bottle label, this looks like an expensive bottle of wine. The bottle has a substantial feel to it and the label shows a scene reminiscent of a Victorian children’s book, the graphics were created by Proof Wine Collective who are doing some the best wine artwork going today (also check out the roster of winemakers who are working with them, they are making some of the coolest wines on the market). There currently isn’t any official information available concerning the making of this wine and since rumor has help give this wine a mystique, there might not be any information coming. The alcohol content is 15.1%.

The color is a dark but see-thru ruby red. The nose is cherries and spice, with a little cedar plank and spearmint chewing gum, with a late hit of vanilla pudding. It starts with raspberry and black cherry, French vanilla coffee creamer, Godiva dark chocolate and fresh blueberry, with a slight bite in the back of your mouth from the tannins. So many wines today have their tannins neutered that it is a pleasant change of pace to have a wine that is not afraid to show them. The mid palate brings cassis, blood orange and gingerbread spice. There is a good mix of flavors and textures occurring in the glass, the spice upfront is soft and subtle, while the spice on the mid palate gives a flavor jolt. The finish is somewhat weak compared to the body of the wine, but it does not go away.

The 2010 Tribunal Sonoma County Red is a bargain at $9.99, there are several excellent ten buck Red blends on the shelves today and while most of them tend towards lush and juicy, the Tribunal goes for rich and challenging. This is a wine made to be paired with backyard grilling masterpieces or just popping the top to relax after a long day. Get a couple of bottles now, because it will be gone in 2 or 3 weeks.”

Okay, so now you get the gist. It is a blend and these are not consistent year to year. However, for a $10 dollar wine it is surprisingly good. If you open it and let it breathe for about 45 minutes to an hour, it will mellow and not taste so “hot” on the palate. Also, this is best with food. So find yourself a lovely chicken, or a nice piece of meat (organic please) if vegetarian or vegan, broil or roast some root vegetables with fresh herbs and garlic and the wine will be very nicely behaved.