First, a bit of information: Cabernet Franc is a lesser known grape used in California wines. A thin-skinned red grape that grows particularly well in cooler climates originally from the Bourdeaux and Loire Valley regions of France, the Cabernet Franc has been grown with success in France, Australia, Chile, Canada, South Africa, California and Washington, producing a fruity wine that is softer and more subdued than its regal relative, Cabernet Sauvignon.

Flavor Profile:

With fine tannins,spicy aromas, peppery accents, violet nuances and an understated elegance plus some serious red and black berry (mainly blueberry, raspberry and sometimes plum) flavor, Cabernet Franc is an ideal candidate for blending with other varietals such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. However, more producers are selling Cabernet Franc as a stand alone, single varietal on merchant shelves with notable success.

The Lazy Bones 2011 Cabernet Franc from Paso Robles, may need some aging as it begins with all the expected nose and tasty fruit but then flattens out and by the second glass is unremarkable. I can see why this grape is used in the blend of grapes that makes a Bordeaux, it helps with the softness. There is a lack of complexity in this particular wine, even though it is easy to drink. A bit disappointing.

I loved the label of this bottle and the cork even had a picture of the cat, all curled up, which I found adorable.  For the price it is okay, but not great.

$ 6.99