Hello TJ Wine Lovers!

We tasted the Napa Station Cabernet Sauvignon tonight and I believe that if you are looking for a pure Cabernet Sauvignon, this is not your wine. However, if you are looking for huge fruit, berries, plums, dried sweet cherries, etc. ; you will be in heaven. Not bad for a ten dollar red.

In my/our opinion this wine is mis-named; it should be called meritage or quadruple-tage or something to that effect as it actually is made from four grapes. We have your Cabernet Sauvignon, your Merlot, your Malbec and then your Pinot Verdot.

Yes folks, this is a Blend.  Okay, so we are clear on this point. Now we must come to terms with what the vintners were attempting to create here.  As we mentioned previously it is a fruit bomb. There is really no other way to say it. Sorry to be blunt, but we are here to review, not to make “nice”.

Tannins are virtually non-existant, yet it is easy to drink and goes down quite smoothly. It is not super sophisticated but pleasing. Like a Sundae, delicious, not too memorable.  However, truth be told, I will buy it again. I loves me some big fruit. (Forgive me for the horrible grammar).

I found out that it is at TJ’s for a limited appearance, so if you’re into HUGE fruit and not too rigid about tannins, I’d say go for it.  It’s kind of  like a lumbering Zin. Friendly, not too demanding.  I had a boyfriend like that once.