Today we have two reviews of the same wine, a side-by-side comparison if you will.

Anyone looking for a bold, fruit-forward red with none of the pricey-ness often associated with a good Cabernet, look no further. This affordable bottle (7.99) packs a powerful punch of blackberry and black cherry fruit in a heady rush of only-lightly-oaked glory, ready to be enjoyed by not only Cab-lovers, but those who appreciate and relish the softness of Merlot’s as well. This voluptuous and sensually smooth Cab has just enough tannin to give the wine some backbone, without that mouth-drying bite that is typically associated with this varietal. With lots of fruit, a hint of clove, plenty of plummy richness, a dash of brown spice, and a long, mocha finish, this bottle is a steal at 7.99 and will match perfectly with a juicy, charbroiled steak or that end-of-summer barbecue you’ve been meaning to have.

Yes, this is a very affordable Cabernet Sauvignon and does deliver those sumptuous berry and plum flavors, it has a touch of mocha and is very soft.  Those searching for a Cab with a tannic tart taste will be a bit disappointed. It is nice but without the complexity of a true Cabernet, I would describe it closer to a Merlot feel. It is enjoyable however and for the price it satisfies.