This lovely and surprising wine from one of Chile’s best-known wine regions is made up of 40% Petite Verdot and 60% Cabernet Franc. A lively, youthful, and exciting red, it has all of the light, aromatic fruitiness of Cabernet Franc, blended with the perfect amount of the peppery spice of Petite Verdot, combining to make an absolutely one-of-a-kind bottle. Medium-to-light-bodied, with just the right balance of light tannin and crisp acidity, you can appreciate its beauty the moment you pour it in your glass; the wine is precisely the color of a ripe plum, with a slight cranberry hue around the edges. Aromas of strawberries, green grapes, violets, and lychee lead enticingly to subtle flavors of flowers, raspberries, wild strawberries, and just-ripe blueberries. All this fruitiness combines in a totally dry wine with just a hint of that woody, peppery goodness that we red-wine drinkers love, and leaves behind a long, tart finish that has the warm suggestion of spiced cranberry cider. This wine was a definite surprise and is just so pleasantly different from your everyday red, it has become a staple in my kitchen. Pairs perfectly with green olives and a cold pasta salad, or with roasted chicken and your favorite veggies. Or just drink it on its own! I promise you will be surprised, and very pleasantly so.